PC shuts down when gaming? Still, Looking for a brief Solution?

Attention all the gamers out there! Have you been worrying about the moments when your pc automatically shuts down while gaming leaving you regretting over it? We got your problem seriously and found some better solutions for you.

We know that it is the most frustrating thing when you are playing the best part of your game, and all of a sudden, it shuts down! What we did for you is that we are here to take you out of this frustrating situation in which the PC shuts down when gaming or pc keeps restarting when playing games. Without any further delay, let’s get into it and find out the solutions for your problem.

Overheated CPU:

Sometimes, when you are playing a game with a heavy size, your pc shuts down without any alarm or notification. The most common reason can be an overheated CPU. PC becomes overheated when the system reaches a certain temperature level.

When due to some heavily loaded game, the pc temperature tries to rise above the specified limit, you hear an unusual fan sound. It is because the PC’s protection mechanism which activates when the pc temperature increases from a specific limit.

Overheated CPU while gaming


If you have to face something like this, you really don’t need to worry about anything because it is really very simple to fix this issue. All you have to do is to open the CPU, clean the dust from the components, and check the cooling system of your CPU.

Then you have to check your thermal paste so that the CPU can reach back to its normal temperature. It will prevent your PC from shutting down again while gaming because there is no more overheated CPU.

In case if you are gaming on a laptop, we never recommend you to open the motherboard to let it cool. All you have to do is to lift the laptop up so that the CPU can get cool down, and after a little time, you can place it back. Make sure that you use a table while using laptop, it is not recommended to use a pillow to place your laptop on while working.

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Run a malware check:

Another most significant reason for which pc keeps restarting when playing games or Laptop shuts down when gaming is the malware attack on the computer system. It might be possible that you download a game that is infected with some malware or virus, and it damages your computer system.

A malware can badly affect your computer system and not only just make it shut down, but malware can also steal your sensitive data and expose it to some unauthentic people. That’s why you must not take it for granted; rather, you should regularly check for the malware so that you can protect your data and computer system also.

Run a malware check


 In such cases, you have to run a malware check so that it can diagnose any malware attack on your pc and remove it from the system. It will immediately fix the issue for which you have to face the pc shut down. Many malware checkers are available in the market that you can opt for and run them to check for the viruses in your system. It will surely help you prevent your laptop from shutting down over and over again.

Update your drivers:

Sometimes, it is also observed that some drivers’ failure also become a cause of pc shut down. When you don’t update the drivers and play heavy loaded games with the old drivers, the computer system shuts down or keeps on restarting again and again. So that’s why you should always keep your drivers updated so that your gaming experience can be improved.

Update your pc drivers


We are here to share some ways in which you can update your drivers and make the computer system perfect for gaming sessions. There are two ways in which you can easily update your drivers. One is updating drivers manually, and the other is updating drivers automatically. We recommend you to choose the latter one because it is beneficial for you as you don’t need to update drivers by yourself.

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If you want to update the drivers manually, first you have to find the drivers on the manufacturer’s official site. Then you have to land on your desired driver. Then download it to your computer and keep on updating them from time to time to make them work perfectly.


If you want to automatically update your drivers, you can set the installation of the updates to automatic. You have to set the time when you don’t use your pc or laptop. The system will install all the driver updates at that time, and you won’t have to download them all by yourself.

This method is the best one for those who don’t have enough time and patience to manually download driver updates. And doing this will solve your “Laptop shuts down when gaming” or “pc shuts down when gaming” issue.

Computer loses power when gaming:

There could be some other reasons for which your computer loses power when gaming and you need to know about them too so that if the methods and the reasons that we mentioned above don’t work, you can check the other reasons and methods too.

The further methods will help you solve the issue when your computer loses power when gaming, and you can easily enjoy your favorite games without worrying about computer power.

computer losses power while gaming

Fix power issues:

When your computer system loses power when gaming randomly, it might be a power issue that you have to fix, trust me, such power issues are really frustrating because you lose all your gaming progress in a fraction of a second, and you have to play the same level all over again to proceed in the game.


To fix the power supply issues, you need to change the PSU that is causing trouble for you. PSU is the abbreviation of Power Supply Unit. These are the components that provide power supply to the computer system, and when your pc shuts down while gaming, most of the time, it is PSU.

The bad thing is that we mostly take this part for granted, which results in some bigger issue. So, when the PSU fails to provide sufficient power supply to the system, the system shuts down, or pc keeps restarting again. You can check your PSU with a multimeter or power supply tester to check if there is an issue with the PSU.

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Does force shutdown damage the computer?

To solve a number of issues going on in PC, we all use force to shut down the computer system, and most of the time, force shut down solves the issue to a greater extent. But have you ever thought about its effects on your computer system?

If not, it’s the time to learn about the impact of force shut down on your pc that you must be aware of so that the next time you think of it, these effects resonate in your mind. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that there may be no harm to your hardware because of force shut down, but it can damage your data permanently.

For example, when you are working on a file, and your pc gets stuck. To resolve this issue, you will force shut down your computer to restart it. It will remove all the data that you have been working on. So, keep in mind that when you force shut down your pc, all your unsaved data will be lost no matter how important it is.

How do I stop my laptop from shutting down when I play games?

When you are playing games on your laptop, and it keeps on restarting or shutting down, you can easily fix this issue by removing the battery from the laptop. For this purpose, you have to follow the following instructions.

1. First of all, you have to shut down the laptop properly.
2. After that, you have to take out the battery from the laptop.
3. Then plug in the charger with laptop and give power to the laptop to the fullest.
4. Now you can play games without being interrupted during your gaming sessions. Once you’re done playing games, you can put back the battery in the laptop and use it as usual.

Some people would think that how is that even possible that a laptop works without a battery. Don’t worry; you will see that your laptop still works without a battery, and you will get rid of the issue when pc keeps restarting when playing games.

Last words:

That was all about the reasons and the solutions of the issue when your laptop or pc shuts down when gaming or your pc keeps restarting when playing games. If you’re facing some problems like this, you can use the methods that we mentioned above to eradicate the issue.

You no more need to worry if your computer loses power when gaming because you have the solutions in your hand. Just follow the instructions given above carefully, and you are then more likely to solve the issue for you!

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