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Games are the best boredom busters you can have when you don’t feel like going outside and meeting people around. For example, when you get a week off from your work, and you don’t feel like meeting new people, all you want to do is stay at home, play games, and chill to kill for the time being.  In such times, when you want to be the couch potato, all you need is the best split screen games pc that can make your leisure time much more exciting.

 I have been a couch potato for a few days, and that’s when I realized that I should tell you guys about the games that you can enjoy in your free time. I know many people would be thinking “another common games review!” but you know what the best part of today’s discussion is? I’m going to tell you about the best split screen games for pc that will help you kill your boredom and enjoy the free “me time.” What you have to do is arrange a get together at home, invite your friends, and play these boredom-buster games with them. With no further ado, let’s dive into the discussion and iron out the best split screen pc games!

1. Divinity: original sin

The best split screen game pc on the internet is Divinity, for it has a rating of 10/10 on Google. The players of this game reviewed it as best and the beautiful role-playing game on the internet. If you have been looking for the best split screen game for pc to kill, for the time being, you must not lose a chance to enjoy the Divinity: original sin’s gameplay.

divinity original sin 2 gameplay

You will surely love the game setup and smooth controls. This luxury game has many new options, skills, interactive things, and the mechanics that you learn to excel in the game. The best thing about this super fantastic game is the best choice for the people who want to spend time in a thrilling game. You can also communicate with the online partners of the game to create a community of yours. In this way, you can take your experience to another level. I loved this game, and that’s why I added Divinity: original sin at the top of the list to emphasize you to try this game once in your free days.

divinity original sin 2 walkthrough

The only bad thing about this game is that it has violent content and the violence in it, so if you are sensitive about such graphics or other content, you may find it troublesome to play the game. Otherwise, you will surely enjoy the game. And if you are a new gamer, Divinity: original sin walk though will help you understand the controls and use them in the game.

2. Overcooked 2

Let’s move on to another option in the list of the best split screen games for pc, and we have Overcooked 2 on the list. If you are very fond of cooking and like to play the time management games in the form of cooking games, you must give it a try. If you want to turn your frustration of boredom into the charm of a fun time, you should download Overcooked 2, and I can bet you will love the game environment.

Overcooked 2 gameplay

If I talk about overcooked 2 gameplay, the smooth controls and the interactive environment will win your heart in a few minutes of the play session. This split screen will make your dreary days a lot more enchanting, and you will find a way out of your boredom. The sound quality, the graphics, and the animation are so entirely managed that the game looks impressive as a whole!

Overcooked 2 gameplay

Are you a new gamer? No worries, Overcooked 2 walk-through will welcome you to teach you about the rules and the control of the game. In short, I would recommend you give this game a try, and you won’t feel like you wasted your time after playing this game!

3. A way out

Moving on to another option in the list of the best split screen games for pc, we have “a way out” in the list. This one is the blockbuster game, which is all about the jailbreaker who has to face difficulties doing this, but you have to help him escape from jail. A way out is a two-player game, so you can play it with your friend to enjoy the game to the fullest.

a way out gameplay

As far as A Way Out gameplay is concerned, I would like to rate it 9/10, because the smooth controls and the perfect options to control it are just wow. The sound effects, visuals, and graphics are all good. A way out gameplay makes it a revengeful game structure, and you have to help the character find the way out of the jail.

a way out split screen

If you are a new gamer, you don’t need to worry about the controls, because a user friendly A Way Out walk-through is there to help you. It will help you understand all the best features of this one of the best split screen games for pc. You will love the game environment, and the background sound makes the game more thriller and apprehensive. I would suggest you try this game once so that you can get to know what the game has to offer you!

a way out walkthrough

4. Rocket League:

Let’s jump onto a handsome addition to the list of the best split screen games pc, and we have rocket league in the list now. This first-rate game is all about the people who love racing games. If you are also a racing lover, I dedicate this game to you! The best thing about this game is that it is not a traditional racing game, you have to save your vehicle from the hurdles that come in your way in different forms and keep you from hitting the finish line.

rocket league garage

As far as rocket league gameplay is concerned, I would like to admire the new updated features, additional options, and platforms that make the game a whole new sensation of formula racing games! Skills are all that you have to have to be the winner, and the rocket league walk-through will help you excel in the game by understanding the game tactics.

rocket league tournament

The long story short, rocket league is the best cars-playing-sports concept in the whole new form. If you are a fan of formula racing car games, you can opt for this first-rate game of the list of the best split screen games pc. What are you waiting for then? Download the game now, and enjoy playing this multiplayer split screen car racing game!

5. Resident Evil 6

Let’s not stop here, and let’s add another game in the list of the best split screen games pc. The next game I have to tell you about is Resident Evil 6. A successful sequel of resident evil released in 2012 but still ranks higher on Google because of its huge fan following. To be honest, I loved this game because I enjoyed it to the fullest. If you are not troubled with the violent graphics or environment, you will find this game the best thriller game that you ever played.

resident evil 6 review

If I talk about Resident Evil 6 gameplay, four campaigns and seven leading characters are the main focus of the game. And these seven main characters make this game multiplayer. You can play it with seven of your friends and enjoy it. The best thing about resident evil is that its storylines cleverly interact with each other.

resident evil 6 walkthrough

The new gamers don’t have to worry about that they don’t know how to play because the Resident Evil 6 walk-through will help get used to the gameplay and the game features and controls. It will make you familiar with the game environment so that you don’t feel confused while playing the game. You can experience and see how the controls work in the game using Resident Evil 6 walk-through.

6. Cuphead

The next in the list is Cuphead, another fun game that will kill your boredom and turn in to a real fun-filled time of your free days. It is the cutest game that I have ever played, and I would not mind saying that I just love it. I kind of don’t like run games much, but this one just changed how I used to think about run games. I enjoyed it, and that’s why I felt that I should share it with you guys!

cuphead bosses

Let’s talk about Cuphead gameplay, and I found it the best user-friendly interface. The watercolor background, the hand-drawn game character, and all the controls are smooth to handle. It seems easy, but the challenges get complicated as the game proceeds. You have to deal with tough challenges to complete the levels, and that’s what makes the game attention-grabbing.

cuphead gameplay

If you want to go through the game environment before stepping into the game, Cuphead walk-through will help you get used to the game rules and the controls. It will guide you thoroughly about how you can use the game controls to tackle the hurdles that keep you from hitting the finish line. There is a lot more to come that you have to explore by playing the game, and I 100% recommend you to play this game once. And I can bet that this cutest game will kill the boredom that you are going through and you can play this game with your best friend because it is a two-player game. Invite your friend to your place and have fun gaming!

7. Gears of War 4

Let’s not pause here because I have another best game to add in the list of the best split screen pc games named Gear of War 4. If you are fond of wars and fighting thriller games, this is the best option for you. Gears of Wars is the perfect blend of offensive and defensive strategies to combat your enemies.

gears of war 4 walkthrough

As far as Gear of War gameplay is concerned, I found it surprising. The shooting experiences, the weapons, the characters, and the controls also, everything is just to-the-point. This robotic war game will surely improve your combating strategies and tactics. You can also play with your friends to get an enhanced gaming experience.

gears of war 4 review

No worries for the new gamers, because a detailed Gear of War walk-through will help you get into the game environment before experiencing the game. If you also want to give this game a try, just go through the Gear of Wars walk-through, and you will be ready to jump into the real game and start using your war tactics to beat the enemies down!

8. Nine parchments

Let’s move on to the last game in the list of the best pc split screen games, and we have nine parchments on the list. A fantasy universe game of dropped out wizards who want to escape from their regular training and be powerful by collecting artifacts. The combat of nine parchments is the thing I liked the most in the game.

nine parchments review

As far as nine parchments gameplay is concerned, the smooth controls and the fancy game environment don’t let you get bored. The fantasy universe of the game makes it more tempting for the players. What you have to do is to control a wizard and his activities in the game. You with your eight friends can play this exciting game.

nine parchments gameplay

Nine parchments walk-through will help you get used to the gameplay and the game controls. When you first download it, don’t forget to watch nine parchments walk-through so that you can understand the controls and tactics that will make you win. I played this game, and not for a single second; I felt like I shouldn’t have downloaded it. The game is a fantastic addition to the list of the best pc split screen games, and do try it if you like the fantasy world in the games.

How do I split my computer screen?

The most awaited question so far, which I wanted to teach you, is how to split your pc screen. We all love to play the best pc split screen games, that’s why we should learn how to split the computer screen. I decided to share the step-by-step method to split the screen to play split screen games on your pc. If you opened two windows on your screen simultaneously, and one window is behind the other, but you want to use both windows at the same time, follow the following steps!

1. Take your cursor to the center point of the open window, which is on the top of the other window.
2. Press the left mouse button and drag the window to the right or left side of the screen. Doing this, the window will be resized to cover half of the screen.
3. The other opened window will be visible in front of you. And now you have to take the cursor to that window’s center of the topmost area.
4. Do the same that you did with the other window like grab the window and drag it to the left side of the screen. The screen will be resized to half of the screen.

Ta-dah, the screen is split into two halves, and you can navigate from one window to the other.

It is how simple you can easily split the pc screen into two halves, and in this way, you can use two windows at the same time for multitasking. If you also want to use your monitor for multitasking, follow the steps carefully, and enjoy using your screen for two different purposes at the same time!

What games are split screen on pc?

There must be some people reading this post who aren’t aware of the split screen games, so let me educate those fellows about split screen games. Split screen games are the games that divide the screen into equal parts so that two or more than two players can play the game using a single screen at a time. For example, there are certain times when you want your friend to be present in the game to help you achieve the goals. Split screen games are made when you want your friends to help you in the game.

In split screen games, you don’t have to change the device in the multiplayer mode, but you and your friends can play the same game in different game areas at the same time. What can better than making the team with your friend? Imagine both of you sitting on the couch and enjoying it! Sounds fantastic! If you also want to enjoy split screen pleasure, I recommend you try any of the best pc split screen games that I mentioned above and have happy split screen gaming!

What are the best split-screen pc games?

The people keep on asking about the best split screen games pc, and that’s why I decided to make a list so that you don’t have to navigate through the entire internet to search for. I scrolled through the internet, downloaded, and tried some of the best games, and then I am making this recommendation for you. The following game list will help you choose one of the best pc split screen games. Let’s have a view!

1. Lovers in dangerous spacetime
2. Overcooked
3. Screencheat
4. Baldur’s Gate 3
5. Split/second
6. Sonic adventure
7. Guacamelee 2
8. Gears of war
9. A way out
10. Castle Crashers

These are ten more games in addition to the above mentioned. You can also opt for one of these games, and I can bet that the gameplay of these best split screen games pc won’t disappoint you. Add these split screen games to your experience and take your gaming experience to the next level.

What are the racing games split screen?

Okay, I know a lot of racing lovers are reading my post, and this answer is dedicated to all of the car racing lovers. I got some request to tell you guys about the best split screen pc games for car racing, and here I’m going to give you a list of racing games which are the best split screen games for pc. I hope you guys download these car racing split screen games and enjoy them. With no further ado, let’s have a look!

#1. Riptide GP
#2. Forza Motorsport
#3. WRC 8
#4. GT Sports
#5. Trackmania turbo
#6. Horizon chase turbo
#7. Team sonic racing
#8. Rocket league
#9. Crash team racing nitro-fueled
#10. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

These are all the treasure of racing games that, in my opinion, can also stand higher in the list of best split screen pc games. I tried them all, and you can call me a kind of racing fan, and these games didn’t disappoint me with their gameplay and performance. Try them once and enjoy split screen racing with your friends!

Last words:

It was all about the best split screen pc games, and I hope I gave you all the best options that you can opt for to make your boredom exciting for you. What can be better than having so many opportunities to play the best split screen pc games?

The important thing that I would like to add up here is that the market is teeming with so many split screen games, but I added only the ones that I liked the most and thought you should try. You are not bound to agree with my choice, but I can bet that the games I mentioned above would come to your expectations and you would like them.

I hope you get enough options to play split screen games in your free time and you can now enjoy your leisure time without getting bored because you have nothing to do. Try out these games, and do let me know how you found these games! Have a great gaming experience!

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