Top Best Pc Strategy Games To Play in 2020


Gaming on PC is one of the best activities these days. People of all ages love to play games on their system to make fun and spend time. As this trend is gaining popularity, different types of games have been introduced. Since then, there have been about millions of diverse strategy games that are used to stimulate as many diverse kinds of fighting as man has had causes to fight one another.

If you are fond of gaming on your system, then you must satisfy your gaming obsession with the best PC strategy games. But, which is the top one on PC? Well, you need to know about some details about these games.

Best World War 1 strategy games pc.

There are different games available under this category. Some of the best strategy games are here that are highly famous among the users.

1. Cold Water Games

It is one of the best naval strategy pc games that manages to walk an accurate line between simulation and arcade with this submarine-based naval game. You must be strategic while choosing this game for you.

It comes with real-time naval combat, authentic soviet combat tactics, realistic sonar model, a dynamic campaign where your efficiency is appreciated, over 40 classes of submarines and ships all diversely researched. some of the naval strategy games are as follows.

  • Naval Action
  • Silent Hunter III
  • World of Warships
  • Dangerous Waters
  • Naval War Arctic Circle
  • Navy field 2: Conquerer of the Ocean

2. Frozen Synapse

It is one of the super and the best PC strategy games that can be more generic and simple. You will love this game because it is a perfect example of gameplay that is difficult to master, very easy to learn, offers fun, and it does not matter how expert you are in gaming.

In this turn-based strategy game, a player has to handle a squad of constants. It is not as simple as it sounds. You need to simulate your action, and it allows you to see how it will play out. All turns are to resolve to win the task.

Your enemy El will surprise you, and it will not be enough because you have to play this game online against other players. IF you are fond of strategy games, then this is the right game for you to satisfy your strategic nature. This is a user-friendly game that offers fun.

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3. Commandos 2

This older game released in 2001 but it comes at the top of the list of the hardest strategy games. There are many things that have been created in the game to satisfy your obsession. For the players who want to be more strategic, this is one of the best options.

A player has to control a commando’s squad who rely on advancement to accomplish aims and technical positioning. It is not a turned based game and real-time strategy game, but it comes under the class of the real-team tactics game that is a hybrid genre. For making your gaming experience memorable, you should not miss this game.  

4. XCom- enemy unknown

This turned based tactical game contains a squad of alien-fighting soldiers. Players will control this squad, and these soldiers will defend the Earth from an imminent invasion. This game is easily available on PC. For containing easy to understand infrastructure, this is easy to play.

Most of the players like to play this game to satisfy their thrilling nature. It is great for the majority of the users. It is designed with a unique theme that puts the players in the right frame of mind to make more strategies. It is a user-friendly game, that is very easy to play for the majority of the players.

Best strategy games pc where you are king

Strategy games are brain boosters. Most of the people like best political strategy pc games. These are designed to improve your mental skills and make you more strategic in your real life. Like puzzle games, these games are great to test your creative skills and logical expertise to a degree.

You will satisfy your thrilling obsession when you overcome a difficult strategy game campaign. These are the real delight of gaming if you love to test your mettle.

Yes, you will be the king of the game when you use your strategy to win. Frozen Synapse, Commandos 2, Xcom-Enemy Unknown, and many more the examples of the best strategy games where you are king.

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What are the best strategy games for pc?

Games that rely on strategy, not luck to determine the course of the game. It means the decision-making skills are extremely important to determine the results in the game. These are based on the action, and the player has to choose a strategy to overcome the situation.

There is a huge variety of best PC strategy games that can help you to conquer the depths of the hulk, wage historical warfare, and space in big mechanical robots.

What is the best grand strategy pc games?

Seriously, Crusader Kings 2 is known as the most open-ended RPG and a dynamic game ever designed. This is one of the best grand strategy game. If you are fond of interesting stories, then this is the right option for you since it always handles to put out incredible emergent stories.

So, when you are going to play or choose a strategy game, then you need to learn about it. What is unique in it? Every game offers thrill and difficult situations to handle for the players. It is the best option for the players who are looking for the 2019 best strategy games pc.

What is the best strategy for pc games?

There are several games that you can see online for your PC, but you know which game can satisfy your mental skills. The real-time strategy games offer quick information processing, gives more cognitive power and improve mental skills to handle the difficult situation.

Stellaris, Desert of Kharak, and many others are famous for offering the real delight of gaming to all its users.


The craze of the best PC strategy games is getting popularity day by day. People of all ages love to play these games because of their several mental benefits. Decision-making skills do not develop accidentally.

It allows players to enjoy multiple options per turn. Players use different strategies to handle the situation. With their strategic nature, many times, they succeed to attain favorable circumstances. They can handle the situation successfully.

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