Top Best Pc Games Of 2016 That are Still Trendy In 2020

When you have a lot of leisure time, and you don’t want to go outside to meet people and hang out with your friends, games are the things that boost your mood. Games acts just like the stress killers and boredom boosters as they can refresh the mood in only a few seconds. A good game can make you active, and you feel fresh. If you are also a gaming lover, you will be glad to hear that you are in the right spot.

We will guide you about the best pc games in 2016 by giving a quick review to get to know which game you want to play. These games are the games that happened to get higher rankings, and people love to play them. These Best pc games of 2016 will make you feel even lighter in your vocational days, and you will enjoy playing them. Without any further delay, let’s get into it and iron out the Best pc games 2016.

Best pc games of 2016:

Sometimes, we feel like we should play some old games to look deep into their gameplay and enjoy the features. It happens in the times when the game developers that we like are not launching new games, and you are bored of playing their older sequels. In such cases, old games feel like real pleasure, and they make us happy. That’s why we decided to share some stuff for days when you won’t feel like playing a game repeatedly. The following are the Best pc games of 2016 that you should miss playing if you claim to be a gamer!


If you are a shooting game lover, this game is meant for you. Overwatch is a team-based shooting game that will make your free time more energy-filled. In our leisure time, we all love to have activities that can boost us up, and overwatch is actually like that. It will boost the energy of your leisure time, and you will give you the best time that you can have on vacation.

overwatch summer games 2019

If we talk about overwatch gameplay, the smooth game controls make it stand high in the best games of 2016. Overwatch is also a combination of strategy and hunting. All you have to do is to make the strategy and tackle the enemies.

Overwatch is a highly appreciated game of the year 2016, as it has won the IGN game of the year award. What else can be a reason to choose this fantastic game!

overwatch update

If you feel like you are new in the game so it would be difficult for you, cheer up! Overwatch walk-through would help you to the fullest in being familiar with the controls and the stuff. All you have to do is get the game and watch the walk-through, and you will see how elaborative it will be for you. You will understand and learn the strategies and enjoy the game to the fullest.


Let’s move on to another best game standing high in the list of Best pc games of 2016, and we have XCOM 2 on the list. We see a lot of people looking for strategy games, and to be honest, I like strategy games. The main purpose of adding this game on the list is that a lot of people want to enjoy the strategy games, and here we are presenting the best strategy game. XCOM is the best sequel game that you can ever have. If you love combat games, this is something that is meant for you.

xcom 2 war of the chosen

XCOM 2 gameplay will blow your mind because the controls of the games are super smooth. You won’t find it difficult to control your character in the game. You can easily redesign the character to make it more attractive. The game environment is such an amazing thing. The sound and visuals are wow. In short, the gameplay is going to surprise you.

If you don’t know how to tackle the combat games, the XOCM 2 walk-through will help you to the fullest.

xcom 2 alien hunters

There is no need to worry about the things that you have been worrying about so far. All that you have to do is to go through the walk-through of the game. You will come to know what you have to do. It is how simple learning the gameplay and the controls of XCOM 2.I 100% recommend this game to you. Download it now, and enjoy your leisure time!

Dark souls III:

Let’s move on to the next participant of the best pc games for 2016, and we have dark souls III on the list. If you love to play the grim games, this one is developed for you. This ghost game will make your leisure time more horrible and thrilling. The exciting and punishing environment, the engaging and nerve-stretching boss battles make this game even more fantastic. People like it because you never feel bored even for a single second in this game.

dark souls iii the ringed city

As far as dark souls III gameplay is concerned, you will surely love the game. The controls are so smooth, and the game environment is of the kind that you will never miss the interest in the game. The sound effect and the visuals are the best, and you will surely enjoy every minute you spend in the game environment.

Are you trying this kind of game for the first time and a bit confused about the game environment? Don’t worry; dark souls III would surely help you understand the game environment. When you step into the game environment, you will enjoy every turn of you, and every minute that you enjoy in the game. I highly recommend this game, download it and enjoy!

dark souls 3 walkthrough

Best pc strategy games 2016:

We all love to play strategy games, and I also receive truckloads of the request of sharing the Best pc strategy games 2016, and here we go! I brought some of the best strategy games that will blow your mind off with their outstanding environments and gameplay. If you are also interested in a strategy game, don’t miss even a single one of the games that I’m going to share! With no further delay, have a look!

Total War: Warhammer:

It’s time to discuss a blockbuster game that just came and became the most loved game. If you are a thrilling game lover, cheer up! This game is meant for you. Total war is the most thrilling strategy game that you can get on the internet. As the name of the game depicts, you must struggle to keep your territories in your empire. You have to defeat the enemy to keep your empire strong.

total war warhammer

If we talk about Total War gameplay, you will find it a lot smoother. Although the game controls are difficult to understand, the overall game is a good option to kill boredom. The sound effects and the visuals are so amazing. If you want to enjoy your leisure time in the best strategy games, you must give it a try, and you won’t get disappointed.

total war warhammer review

If you feel like something difficult to understand in the game, Total War walk-through will help you deal with it. All you have to do is watch the game walk-through, and you will know how you have to control your characters in the game. What are you waiting for then? Just download this game now and save your empire in your leisure time!

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

It’s time to move on to another participant in the list of the Best pc strategy games 2016, and we have Battlefleet Gothic: Armada in the list. Another best strategy game that you can play in the leisure time with the best game environment is Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. You might have played so many strategy games, but trust me, if you haven’t played it, you can’t claim to be the best gamer.

battlefleet gothic armada

We know that people love combat games, and that’s why strategy games are the best combat games that you can opt for. As far as Battlefleet Gothic: Armada gameplay is concerned, you would be pleased to know that it is pretty good and interactive. There are no hard controls to make the game handling complex. Although the tough battle levels are there, your strategy will make it simpler for you.

If you are playing strategy games for the first time and fear that you can’t get used to the game environment, a very friendly Battlefleet: Armada walk-through will help you understand the game environment. It will guide you throughout the game to easily handle the game control and give your level best in the game.

Cossacks 3:

Tun, tun, tun..! It’s time for another addition to the list of the Best pc strategy games 2016, and we have Cossacks 3 on the list. Cossacks 3 stands high on the list because when it was launched, people loved it, and you know the best thing is? People still love to play this game. The reason is its intuitive game environment. The players, the enemies, the game set up, the visuals and sound effects, everything is up to date.

cossacks 3 the golden age

As far as Cossacks 3 gameplay is concerned, the game environment makes it stand higher. The smooth controls, the battle levels, the enemies, and the player characters, all these things combine to make up the best strategy game for you. All you have to do is make the best strategy to defeat your enemies, tame down their strategies to overcome you, and the entire empire is yours then!

Let’s not forget to talk about the Cossacks 3 walk-through, a fantastic way to make the players comfortable with the controls. If you haven’t played strategy games before, it might prove to be a little difficult for you. But, Cossacks 3 walk-through will make all the difficulties easier for you. On my recommendation, give it a try, and you won’t get disappointed.

Best RPG pc games 2016:

The next category that we have in the queue is the best RPG pc games in 2016. It is probably the second-best category that people love to play games. We know most of you reading this post would be thinking about having some reviews about the Best RPG pc games 2016, and here you go! All the games that I’m going to mention here are my favorite, and you would also love to enjoy these games in your leisure time! Have a view!

Darkest Dungeon:

If you are an RPG games fan, the darkest dungeon is the best RPG game for you. The darkest dungeon will give you a grim environment to play in, and you will not lose interest even for a single minute. The game environment is so captivating that you will love every second playing this game. This battle based game will stretch your nerves with its outstanding narration that always keeps on warning and alarming you about the going situation.

darkest dungeon the crimson court

Let’s have some words on the darkest dungeon gameplay. The game environment is very user friendly, the controls are smooth, and the visuals and sound effects are so amazing that you will love playing the game. The characters of the game are also fantastic, and you can also customize them according to your desire. The best thing is that this game is the perfect combination of action and excitement.

darkest dungeon ancestral edition

Haven’t played this game before? Worried about getting used to the controls? Don’t worry; Darkest dungeon walk-through is always there to help you. The walk-through will help you understand and learn the tactics of war that you need to know about the game. These tactics will surely help you win the game. What is keeping you from getting this game then? Download it now, and make your leisure moments even more fun-filled!

Dues ex: Mankind divided:

Let’s have a handsome addition to the list of the Best RPG pc games 2016, and we have Dues ex: Mankind divided in the list. If you have been looking for a quality RPG game, here you go. I’m a diehard fan of this game because I tried it many times, and it never failed to make me happy and my leisure time more fun-field. I always find it the best RPG game because of so many reasons.

dues ex mankind divided

First of all, let’s talk about Dues ex: Mankind divided gameplay. The controls are smooth, the environment is more than tempting, the visuals are good, and the sound effects are amazing. From A to Z, everything is just according to the players’ needs. The game is a powerhouse of excitement. New levels keep on unlocking, and you keep on experiencing the best features of the game.

dues ex mankind divided gameplay

It’s time to look at the Dues ex: Mankind divided walk-through will help you throughout the game in understanding the controls and the features of the game. It will help you know the tactics of the game to beat down your enemies and make your mark on the board. Tackle the disaster and get ahead of the game. What about giving it a try? Give it once, and you won’t get disappointed!

The banner saga 2:

Time to hit a new competitive best RPG game in the list of the Best RPG pc games 2016 with the name “the banner saga 2.” You might have heard about this turn-based tactical battle games. This game would satisfy all your RPG games craving. The game provides a fantasy environment. The characters are fabricated, and fantasy and the entire game is just fantastic. I played this game a lot many times, and I always loved it. The only reason that compels the gamers to this game is that there is something important in it that it got a higher rating on Google. The best thing is that it was first launched in 2016, but people still love to play it.

The banner saga 2

Let’s not forget to talk about the banner saga 2 gameplay. The controls of the game are so smooth that if you once play this game, you will get to know how you should play the next level. The levels keep on being, though, but your experience and the grip on the controls will make you even more professional in the game. All you have to do is get this game and enjoy the movements of your characters on the screen.

The banner saga 2 gameplay

If you haven’t played such RPG games before, don’t worry, Dues ex: Mankind divided walk-through is always there to help you with the game’s controls and environment. If you step into the game and think that it is not for you, stop there and let walk-through help you throughout. It will teach you all the tactics and controls to hit the goal and be a real gamer of RPG games.

Best pc games to play when bored in 2016?

I know many people would be looking forward to having a whole list of Best pc games 2016 that they can play. We are here to provide you with a list of the Best pc games 2016 so that if you play a game and feel like not liking it, you can choose another one from the list. Let’s have a look!

1. Overwatch
2. XCOM 2
3. Forza horizon
4. Dark soul III
5. Dishonored 2
6. Battlefield 1
7. Civilization VI
8. The witness
9. Doom
10. Firewatch

All these games are the best pc games 216. The best thing about these games is that although they are a few years old, they are still famous. They still love to play these games and enjoy the best pc games. If you are tired of playing the monotonous games repeatedly, you must give these games a try, and I can bet that you would also love playing these games.

What is the best single-player pc game 2016?

Sometimes we don’t feel like sharing our screen with others to play games. Occasionally, we want to play single-player games, and that’s the moment when we need the best single-player pc games. If you are also one of those looking for the best single-player pc game, here we are to tell you about the Best pc games 2016 that is available in a single player. Dishonored 2 is the best single-player pc game that I would recommend you to play. If you don’t mind playing arcades and action games, it is probably the best single-player game you can play in your leisure time.

The dishonored 2 gameplay is so smooth that you will love the controls and the movements. The attractive characters would make you feel even more passionate while playing games. If you feel like you are new in this kind of game and don’t know anything, don’t worry, dishonored 2 walk-through would help you be comfortable with the controls and everything. Go, get this game now, and enjoy your leisure time to the fullest.

Last words:

All these games are the best boredom busters. Once you play any of the games that we listed above, you will surely enjoy your leisure time. The gameplay of all the games that we discussed are the best pc games in 2016. Put a full stop to all your worries and boring moments, and get these games now to fill your boring moments with excitement and enthusiasm. What are you waiting for then? Just go, get these games for you now and make your leisure time even more interesting and exciting!

Now, stop looking around in search of the Best pc games of 2016 and try these fantastic games once. I can bet that you will get hooked with these amazing games. What are you waiting for then? Just get these games and enjoy the moments that you want to spend at your place without going outside and hanging out with friends. Order the yummiest food, download one of these games, and here you go! A perfect off-day party with you is ready! Enjoy it to the fullest! Don’t delay any further, this best “met time” set up is just a few pieces of effort away from you! Don’t miss a chance to enjoy the free time with these best pc games of 2016

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