Top 5 Best Open World Pc Games Of Gaming Industry in 2020

If you are looking for the best open world games pc, then you reached in the right place. Open-World games are getting more and more popular every year. It seems that we get a look at new ways that developers are trying to one-up each other and create massive worlds for you and me to explore.

Well, we decided that we’re going to take a shot at it and try to determine the best open-world pc games ever released. I fully understand that there are a lot of open-world games. I am not going to be able to get them all on this list, so let me know which ones we don’t get that you think deserve to have a spot on here.

Maybe we’ll do an updated version later on and let’s get into it.

1. Mafia III

This game, just like the previous ones it’s an action-adventure game with open-world elements.

It is set in 1968 in a fictional representation of New Orleans. Тhe soundtrack is comprised of popular songs from that time period, and since they’re used correctly it creates a very immersing feeling.

mafia 3 walkthrough
mafia 3 walkthrough

In cut scenes the character’s textures, animations, and models are marvelous and the overall quality of the cinematics is improved even more thanks to the well-written and acted out dialogue.

The narrative is a bog-standard revenge story that takes about 20 hours to be completed. And while the big story missions are interesting and well designed, with compelling locations, getting to them is a tedious grind.

mafia 3 gameplay
mafia 3 gameplay

The gameplay loop consists of you going around taking over the 10 districts of the city, one by one, by either killing enemy goons, stealing money or destroying stuff, and sometimes all of those at once.

At first this fun, but after the 3rd or 4th district I found it quite annoying. Mostly because the combat is just basic cover shooting with some light stealth elements. And also there is a distinct lack of rewards from completing the missions.

Mainly because the elements from Mafia 2, such as vehicle and character customization have been removed, which leads to having lots of money that you can’t spend. And if the gameplay problems weren’t enough, on PC the game runs awfully. On my GTX 1070, I was unable to go above 40 fps while outside on the lowest settings. And I also encountered a lot of bugs, and some of them were gameplay affecting. And while the game is atmospheric the texture quality is very poor.

mafia 3 car driving
mafia 3 tips

Overall the only thing holding this game together is the well-acted narrative, but for me, that’s not enough to justify the 60 dollar price tag. It is also one of the best open-world pc games.

2. No man’s sky

Let’s talk about No Man’s Sky. Let’s start with the good things. The music is both relaxing and fitting with the game’s atmosphere. And the art design is a nice mix of alien and familiar nature and the models of the buildings, NPC, and most of the individual building blocks of the world are very well done.

no mans sky ships
no man’s skyships

Talking about the world, it’s truly massive, as it contains 18 quintillion planets, but unfortunately, quantity doesn’t equal quality, and the procedurally generated planets feel very same and because everyone contains almost all resources that are present in the game and all have the same 4 types of buildings, from a gameplay perspective you’re not required to explore space in order to upgrade your multi-tool, inventory, and spaceship.

Which is more or less your only goal, besides exploring and getting to the center of the universe, which as you can probably imagine is fun the first couple of hours but gets repetitive as it’s not all that rewarding.

no mans sky beyond
no man’s sky beyond

Ok, now onto the bad things. The performance for tons of people, myself included, has been appalling. On my Desktop PC, I was experiencing heavy stuttering, however, things were much worse on my high-end gaming laptop, which runs Witcher 3 on ultra at solid 40 fps, here it was struggling to keep the same framerate with everything on low.

And it’s not because the game looks that good, the texture quality is awful, and objects very clearly pop in when you get closer to them. On top of that there are all sorts of bugs, like objects getting generated in terrain, minerals not dropping resources and the in-game camera often clipping through the ground.

no mans sky update
no man’s sky update

Apart from that, the inventory system is frankly awful. You can only craft one item at a time, and you need a free inventory slot to do so and for some inexplicable reason, you need to hold down the left mouse button for the game to register a click.

In addition, the options menu is quite poor and you can’t even turn down the volume of the annoying companion voice, which you hear every 10 seconds when exploring. But probably the lowest point of the game is it’s combat, on land you just point and click in the direction of the enemy and the auto-aim does the rest and while the space fights are a bit more difficult and engaging, they’re still quite dull.

Overall, I wasn’t expecting much but was still left disappointed. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy No Man’s Sky and if you do, kudos to you. However, I feel like that for 60 dollars the game expects you to build your own experience but doesn’t give you the proper tools to do so. Same like the other one it is also one of the best open-world pc games.

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3. Mad Max

mad max fights
mad max fights

From the guys behind Just Cause comes another huge open-world experience. The atmosphere is masterfully crafted with magnificent scenes and great weather effects and you can upgrade Max and his vehicle at any given point, which is really convenient when you are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by Warboys.

mad max the wasteland
mad max the wasteland

The game runs very well and can be tweaked using the extensive options menu. Of course, having great performance does take its toll on the texture quality, which may not become immediately apparent since the game is in 3rd person. The past few years the Batman Arkham style combat has become very popular, and although its implementation here is decent it won’t change the minds of people who never liked it in the first place.

The story is very mediocre and seems to be included just to give the player some direction, but instead, the real fun comes from a chaotic world full of activities, which ironically get dull and repetitive over time.

mad max
mad max

In conclusion, the game is well made and incredibly fun, if you don’t care about the story, but will probably last you about 15 hours before it becomes too tedious to continue playing, which makes it the perfect game to pick up on sale. People like mad max a lot so that’s why it is considered the third-best open-world pc game.

4. Fall out 4

Some things never change and for better or worse Fallout isn’t one of them. The gunplay is much better, because of the crafting system and the overall gun handling. And because enemies are smarter, they become a lot more fun to deal with.

fallout 4 walkthrough
fallout 4 walkthrough

The atmosphere combined with the music helps a lot for the immersion and the mobile pip-boy app is simple yet useful. As with most Bethesda games, the loading times are quite long and an SSD would help greatly.

I don’t mind having only 4 dialogue options, what I mind is having vague options like “sarcasm” which don’t indicate what exactly my character’s going to say. Building settlements is a neat feature, but setting them us is a nightmare, the menus for the whole game have been designed for a controller, so if you use anything else you’re going to spend a lot of time-fighting with menus.

fallout 4 power armor
fallout 4 power armor

The game also “reserves” certain keys so you’re unable to rebind them and you can’t even change the FOV without manually editing files. As per usual, the animations are subpar, and the game is plagued by bugs of the non-radioactive kind. And because the karma system has been removed almost nobody cares if you massacre a whole city or not.

Overall there is a decent game under all of those problems and while mods will fix, they shouldn’t have to. Make Sure you read the remaining article of the best open-world pc games carefully.

fallout 4 armor
fallout 4 armour
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5. Far cry Primal

The visuals are lovely and the atmosphere combined with great ambient audio and music design immerses you in the unhospitable but equally stunning world. A couple of new things are the village building which consists of you gathering resources and then pressing a button and the pet system that houses 17 tamable animals that play practically the same and just differ in stats.

far cry primal gameplay
far cry primal gameplay

And while there is a hefty skill tree very few of the skills are actually interesting, as most are just mundane improvements. And we haven’t even gotten to the bad stuff yet, like the fact that there are only 3 melee weapons and 4 ranged ones and despite that the melee combat is incredibly dull because you can either hit stuff or hit stuff harder.

far cry primal review
far cry primal review

And even though there are great amounts of missions, most of them are fetch quests. And this is considering you are even able to start the damn game as a lot of people have been greeted by error message as well as crashes and subpar performance. On its own primal it’s not a bad game, but it’s definitely a step down compared to far cry 4 and for 60 dollars it’s very difficult to recommend. Setting far cry primal at the end of the list of best open-world pc games is a good opinion.

Best free open world pc games

If you are looking for free open world games then you might have to change your mind to the paid ones. No doubt there still the option of the free games but expending some bucks to buy a good game is better than playing a game with low graphics and quality but here I am going to provide you with the list of best free open world games for pc.

  • Trove
  • SNOW
  • Robocraft
  • Creativerse
  • APB Reloaded
  • Street Warriors Online
  • Romero’s Aftermath
  • Star Trek Online
  • PlanetSide 2
  • Defiance
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What is the number 1 game in the world 2020?

According to my opinion, PUBG is one of the most trending games in 2020. In a small amount of time PUBG become popular. The game comes with a PC version as well as mobile versions. PUBG is played all over the globe. I know some of you do not agree with me but you know it is one of the most popular games right now. I select PUBG because of its popularity if you want to suggest any other game you then leave a comment below.

What is the most realistic game?

There are a lot of games in the market that seems very realistic. Especially the games with VR gives its players a real-time experience of the game. Here I have listed some of the best games that feel really realistic. As technology advances the games are becoming more realistic to see.

1. Crimson Desert
2. Cyberpunk 2077 – September 17, 2020
3. Watch Dogs Legion
4. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine – TBA 2020
5. Microsoft Flight Simulator
6. Ghost of Tsushima
7. Hellblade 2
8. Resident Evil 3
9. Death Stranding
10. The Last of Us Part II

What is the best open world game for PC?

As from the list above I have to jot down some of the other best open-world games for pc.

1. Just cause 3,4
2. Far cry 3, 4, 5
3. Far cry new dawn
4. GTA V
5. Mafia 3
6. L.A.noire
7. Witcher 3
8. Cyberpunk
9. Watch Dogs
10. Red redemption 2

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